Accounting — Invoices

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Quikk tracks which Xero user makes updates to this type of record.

The following elements are tracked in the Invoices endpoint:

Field Information
Contact See Contacts
Date Date invoice was issued - YYYY-MM-DD
Due Date Date invoice is due - YYYY-MM-DD
Line Amount Types Exclusive, Inclusive or NoTax
Line Items See Line Items
Sub Total Total of invoice excluding taxes
Total Tax Total tax on invoice
Total Total of Invoice tax inclusive (i.e. SubTotal + TotalTax)
Total Discount Total of discounts applied on the invoice line items
Updated Date UTC Last modified date UTC format
Currency Code The currency that invoice has been raised in
Currency Rate The currency rate for a multicurrency invoice
Invoice ID Xero generated unique identifier for invoice
Invoice Number ACCREC - Unique alpha numeric code identifying invoice. ACCPAY - non-unique alpha numeric code identifying invoice.
Reference ACCREC only - additional reference number
Branding Theme ID See Branding Themes
URL URL link to a source document
Sent To Contact Indicates whether the invoice in the Xero app displays as "sent"
Expected Payment Date Shown on sales invoices (Accounts Receivable) when this has been set
Planned Payment Date Shown on bills (Accounts Payable) when this has been set
Has Attachments Indicates if an invoice has an attachment
Repeating Invoice ID Xero generated unique identifier for repeating invoice template. Present only if the invoice is created as part of a Repeating Invoice.
Payments See Payments
Credit Notes Details of credit notes that have been applied to an invoice
Prepayments See Prepayments
Overpayments See Overpayments
Amount Due Amount remaining to be paid on invoice
Amount Paid Sum of payments received for invoice
CIS Deduction CISDeduction withheld by the contractor to be paid to HMRC on behalf of subcontractor (Available for organisations under UK Construction Industry Scheme)
Fully Paid On Date The date the invoice was fully paid. Only returned on fully paid invoices.
Amount Credited Sum of all credit notes, over-payments and pre-payments applied to invoice

Elements for Line Items

Field Information
Description Line Item description
Quantity Line Item quantity
Unit Amount Line Item unit amount
Item Code See Items
Account Code See Accounts
Line Item ID The Xero generated identifier
Tax Type Used as an override if the default Tax Code for the selected Account Code is not correct
Tax Amount The tax amount is auto calculated as a percentage of the line amount (see below) based on the tax rate
Line Amount The line amount reflects the discounted price if a Discount Rate has been used i.e LineAmount = Quantity _ Unit Amount _ ((100 - DiscountRate)/100)
Discount Rate or Discount Amount Percentage discount or discount amount being applied to a line item
Tracking Section for optional Tracking Category

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