Accounting — Prepayments

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Quikk tracks which Xero user makes updates to this type of record.

The following elements are tracked in the Prepayments endpoint:

Field Information
Contact See Contacts
Date The date the prepayment is created YYYY-MM-DD
Line Amount Types Exclusive, Inclusive or NoTax
Line Items See Prepayment Line Items below
Sub Total The subtotal of the prepayment excluding taxes
Total Tax The total tax on the prepayment
Total The total of the prepayment(Subtotal + Total Tax)
Updated Date UTC UTC timestamp of last update to the prepayment
Currency Code Currency used for the prepayment
Prepayment ID Xero generated unique identifier
Currency Rate The currency rate for a multicurrency prepayment
Reference Returns Invoice # field if reference field isn't available.
Remaining Credit The remaining credit balance on the prepayment
Payments See Payments
Has Attachments Indicates if a prepayment has an attachment

Elements for Line Items

Field Information
Description Description
Quantity Line Item quantity
Unit Amount Line Item unit amount
Account Code See Accounts
Tax Type Used as an override if the default Tax Code for the selected Account Code is not correct
Tax Amount The tax amount is auto calculated as a percentage of the line amount (see below) based on the tax rate.
Line Amount If you wish to omit either of the Quantity or Unit Amount you can provide a Line Amount and Xero will calculate the missing amount for you
Tracking Optional Tracking Category

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