The audit trail

Your Xero organisation data will be imported as it stands at the time you added it to Quikk. To see everything that is imported, click here.

Quikk will regularly query Xero for changes to your account. If changes are found, they are recorded and a changelog is created.

A changelog is a data comparison. We use a series of changelogs to visually display the differences between the previous and current state of each Xero data item. This list of differences gradually forms a clear and comprehensive date-stamped history in order to easily track your Xero account(s) over time.



Demo Company (UK) filtered by invoices. You can see at a glance if records were changed or newly added to Quikk.


An basic example of some updates for an invoice.


And here is the same invoice snapshot. A snapshot is the full record as it stood at the time we recorded the data from Xero.


By clicking export, you can download the changelog and snapshot at this particular timestamp.

Exports are in PDF format.