Secure Xero Backup
for Accountants

Automatically monitor and backup your Xero account updates with Quikk's powerful audit trail system


I used Quikk today for a client that had deleted a batch payment and had forgotten who had been paid.

By pulling up the "batch payments" in Quikk, I was able to follow the cookie trail and helped the client get it fixed.

Shannon Patterson CA
Director at Prescott Business Solutions

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Real-time data backup for Xero

Ensure your business can quickly recover from a financial data loss disaster using our history auditing system.

Protect yourself with Quikk

Quikk automatically backs up your changes in Xero within minutes of them happening. By having an audit trail that builds up in the background, you can swiftly fix errors that unavoidably occur.

  • Seamless setup

    Integrating with Xero takes seconds. As soon as you connect a company file, Quikk will begin continuously monitoring it on your behalf.

  • Unlimited history

    Track and trace all changes since the moment you integrated with Quikk. Contextual information helps you figure out what was changed and when.

  • In-app and email support

    If you need help with setting up or finding a specific piece of information, we're available to lend a helping hand.

Run an accountancy firm?

Give your firm peace of mind. Look after your client books safe in the knowledge that you can monitor them with Quikk's timeline audit and weekly digest emails.

Help recover from their mistakes; they'll thank you later.

  • Manage multiple accounts

    Quikk's interface makes it easy for you to manage all your Xero clients.

  • Comprehensive history

    Audit data not currently tracked by Xero. For example, payroll. To see all the areas of Xero that Quikk tracks, click here.

  • Weekly reporting

    See the activity across all your clients' Xero books with Quikk's weekly digest email.

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Tracked data types

“Assurance Dashboard, History and notes are great but having it one place makes detail oriented people very happy! Also, as a practice it makes it easier for us to support our clients.”

Dayle Rodriguez
Accounts Unlocked


For accountants & bookkeepers

Help your clients safeguard their financial data and become a more valued advisor.

  • Offer data security

    Set your accountancy firm aside from the competition by offering reassurance to your clients. A fully searchable history log provides you with the tools necessary to revert any change made in Xero.

  • Save time fixing mistakes

    Effortlessly track down errors and other data disasters on your clients' Xero files. The quicker you can identify what happened, the faster you can help your client recover — maximising your profit.

  • Eliminate client doubts

    Use the reports generated by Quikk to show the work you have done for your clients. Proactive communication about what you're doing for clients is essential to a positive ongoing relationship.

Pricing for businesses of all sizes

Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required.


We offer a simple subscription plan that allows you to continue using all the features found in the free 14-day trial.

What's included

  • Unlimited history, reporting and users

  • Track up to three Xero accounts

  • Update notifications

  • Full account searching

No credit card required

$15 / month

14-day free trial

Volume discounts available for partners. Mitigate data loss across your entire client base. Protect your reputation by backing up multiple Xero accounts.