Accounting — Accounts

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The following elements are tracked in the Accounts endpoint:

Field Information
Code Customer defined alpha numeric account code e.g 200 or SALES
Name Name of account
Type See Account Types below
Bank Account Number For bank accounts only (Account Type BANK)
Status Accounts with a status of ACTIVE can be updated to ARCHIVED
Description Description of the Account. Valid for all types of accounts except bank accounts.
Bank Account Type For bank accounts only - BANK, CREDITCARD or PAYPAL
Currency Code For bank accounts only
Enable Payments To Account Describes whether account can have payments applied to it
Show In Expense Claims Describes whether account code is available for use with expense claims
Account ID Xero identifier
System Account If this is a system account then this element is returned
Reporting Code Shown if set
Reporting Code Name Shown if set
Has Attachments Indicates if an account has an attachment
Updated Date UTC Last modified date UTC format
Add To Watchlist Determines if this account is shown in the Xero dashboard watchlist widget

Bank Account types

Type Description
BANK Bank account
CURRENT Current Asset account
CURRLIAB Current Liability account
DEPRECIATN Depreciation account
DIRECTCOSTS Direct Costs account
EQUITY Equity account
EXPENSE Expense account
FIXED Fixed Asset account
INVENTORY Inventory Asset account
LIABILITY Liability account
NONCURRENT Non-current Asset account
OTHERINCOME Other Income account
OVERHEADS Overhead account
PREPAYMENT Prepayment account
REVENUE Revenue account
SALES Sale account
TERMLIAB Non-current Liability account
PAYGLIABILITY PAYG Liability account
SUPERANNUATIONEXPENSE Superannuation Expense account
SUPERANNUATIONLIABILITY Superannuation Liability account
WAGESEXPENSE Wages Expense account

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