Accounting — Manual Journals

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Quikk tracks which Xero user makes updates to this type of record.

The following elements are tracked in the Manual Journals endpoint:

Field Information
Date Date journal was posted - YYYY-MM-DD
Line Amount Types Exclusive, Inclusive or NoTax
Narration Description of journal being posted
Journal Lines See below
URL URL link to a source document
Show On Cash Basis Reports Default is true if not specified
Has Attachments Indicates if a manual journal has an attachment
Updated Date UTC Last modified date UTC format

Elements for Journal Lines. These elements are returned if they contain a value.

Field Information
Line Amount Total for line. Debits are positive, credits are negative
Account Code See Accounts
Description Description for journal line
Tax Type Used as an override if the default Tax Code for the selected Account Code is not correct
Tracking Optional Tracking Category
Tax Amount The calculated tax amount based on the Tax Type and Line Amount

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