Accounting — Journals

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Quikk tracks which Xero user makes updates to this type of record only if the journal entry source has associated user data.

The following elements are tracked in the Journals endpoint:

Field Information
Journal ID Xero identifier
Journal Date Date the journal was posted
Journal Number Xero generated journal number
Created Date UTC Created date UTC format
Source ID The identifier for the source transaction (e.g. Invoice ID)
Source Type The journal transaction source type
Journal Lines See Journal Lines below

Elements for Journal Lines

Field Information
Journal Line ID Xero identifier
Account ID See Accounts
Account Code See Accounts
Account Type See Account Types
Account Name See Account Codes
Description The description from the source transaction line item. Only returned if populated.
Net Amount Net amount of journal line. This will be a positive value for a debit and negative for a credit
Gross Amount Gross amount of journal line (Net Amount + Tax Amount).
Tax Amount Total tax on a journal line
Tax Type See Tax Types
Tax Name See Tax Rates
Tracking Categories See Tracking

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