Accounting — Credit Notes

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Quikk tracks which Xero user makes updates to this type of record.

The following elements are tracked in the Credit Notes endpoint:

Field Information
Contact See Contacts
Date The date the credit note is issued YYYY-MM-DD
Line Amount Types Exclusive, Inclusive or NoTax
Line Items See Invoice Line Items
Sub Total The subtotal of the credit note excluding taxes
Total Tax The total tax on the credit note
Total The total of the Credit Note(subtotal + total tax)
CIS Deduction CISDeduction withheld by the contractor to be paid to HMRC on behalf of subcontractor (Available for organisations under UK Construction Industry Scheme)
Updated Date UTC UTC timestamp of last update to the credit note
Currency Code Currency used for the Credit Note
Fully Paid On Date Date when credit note was fully paid(UTC format)
Credit Note ID Xero generated unique identifier
Credit Note Number ACCRECCREDIT - Unique alpha numeric code identifying credit note. ACCPAYCREDIT - Non-unique alpha numeric code identifying credit note.
Reference ACCRECCREDIT only - additional reference number
Sent To Contact boolean to indicate if a credit note has been sent to a contact via the Xero app
Currency Rate The currency rate for a multicurrency invoice
Remaining Credit The remaining credit balance on the Credit Note
Allocations See Allocations below
Branding Theme ID See Branding Themes
Has Attachments Indicate if a credit note has an attachment

Elements for Allocations

Field Information
Invoice The invoice the credit note is being allocated against
Applied Amount / Amount The amount being applied to the invoice
Date The date of the credit note in YYYY-MM-DD format

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