Continuous Xero backup for all accounting practices

Set up Quikk and then relax safe in the knowledge that the data entrusted to you by your clients is backed up. If something happens to their Xero files, even if it's not your fault, they will depend on you to help them recover their data.

Save time by protecting yourself before the inevitable happens.

For accountants & bookkeepers

Help your clients safeguard their financial data and become a more valued advisor.

Offer data security

Set your accountancy firm aside from the competition by offering reassurance to your clients. A fully searchable history log provides you with the tools necessary to revert any change made in Xero.

Save time fixing mistakes

Effortlessly track down errors and other data disasters on your clients' Xero files. The quicker you can identify what happened, the faster you can help your client recover — maximising your profit.

Eliminate client doubts

Use the reports generated by Quikk to show the work you have done for your clients. Proactive communication about what you're doing for clients is essential to a positive ongoing relationship.

No more "where did it go" or "I am not sure what I did" from our clients (or staff) who are new to Xero.

Assurance Dashboard, History and notes are great but having it one place makes detail oriented people very happy! Also, as a practice it makes it easier for us to support our clients.

Dayle Rodriguez
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